All The Information You Will Need To Realize About Music Royalties

Sound Royalties is a company that can help musicians and songwriters, as well as other music professionals have the funds they have to continue to make a living. In a nutshell, if you receive Music Royalties however some of those royalties will not are available for a little while, then Sound Royalties will give you an advance before you have to pay them back using your Music Royalties. Having said that, here are a few of the main things about Sound Royalties.

Get Money Without Any Hassle
One of the greatest aspects of Sound Royalties is they make it easy to get your royalties in advance, or at the very least a pretty good part of them. The business supports members of a variety of organizations/labels, such as BMI, Ascap and Sony-ATV to mention a few. As for when you get paid this depends, but one example is Ascap royalty distribution dates are made in October when performance period was January thru March, well all the other periods are for the following year if your performance period is between April and June, July to September or October and December.

If you are waiting for Ascap royalties, then you'll definitely wait for a bit of time. That is why using Sound Royalties add up. They provide funding anywhere between $5,000 to $25,000, and financing may be closed within a couple of days.

Retain The Copyright
Another good thing about Sound Royalties is you keep the copyright for your music. The company offers you the money you need, upfront. There is certainly no reason to sign off the rights to one's music, and also Sound Royalties uses a non-credit structured financing system, so that you don't have to worry about things such as having awful credit or having to give-up the rights to your music. It is one of many things that make Sound Royalties standout from the crowd.

You Could Make Money Through Referrals
If you genuinely wish to make lots of money with Sound Royalties, then you can refer folks to them. If the company ultimately ends up dealing with the artist you send to them, they will provide you with a referral fee. The total amount you'll be paid is based on various factors, nevertheless the most you will be paid is $25,000, which is incredibly generous. This just tells you that Sound Royalties is seriously interested in putting musicians and artists first.

Other Added Benefits
There's a lot of other good things that may be said about the business, such as quickness. Sound Royalties can offer you with funding in no time and they will extend additional funds in financing- as high as $10M. Not just that, however their programs are targeted at artists who earn no less than $5k annually in royalties, which isnt a whole lot. Now let's not forget to say that the company commonly finds unpaid royalties, which include both international royalties and also digital royalties and also the funds which happen to be used to finance your financial transactions are funds that are part of Sound Royalties.

Now you have knowledge of Ascap royalty distribution dates. In addition, you know why Sound Royalties is an excellent company to use. All you need to do now is head to Sound Royalties internet site and submit an application.

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